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UPDATE:   8/10/2021

We are now offering the Florida Armed Security "G" Annual Recertification.


This 4 hr class meets the requirement to recertify your "G" License for another year.     $79 and you provide ammunitions, firearm and duty gear.  Rental equipment and ammo are available for rent / sale if needed. 


Classes 2nd Wednesday (0830 hrs) and 3rd Saturday (1300 hrs) each month. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

By popular demand we are now offering a 4 hr. "G" License Pre-Qualification Course to prepare you for the actual Armed Security Officer Firearms Qualification.

$100 and you provide ammunitions, firearm and duty gear.  Rental equipment and ammo are available for rent / sale if needed. 

Classes 2nd Wednesday (0830 hrs) and 3rd Saturday (1300 hrs) each month.


With respect to the current COVID status we have fully implemented our in-house NEW BLENDED CCW Course. 

Contact us via phone or txt to make an appointment to come into our HQ and utilize one of our special computers to complete the course and then go directly to our  on-site indoor shooting gallery to complete the mandatory

live fire  exercise and receive your certificate.   Appointments are available between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM.

Desk and computer equipment are sanitized between students, desk have  dividers on each side, desks are 6' apart and each desk has a hand sanitizer.

Firearms are sanitized before use and students are asked to use hand sanitizer before picking up the firearm and again after completing their live fire demonstration.

So, now is the time to avail yourselves of your Second Amendment Rights, let us help you get your Florida  CCW / CWL License that is accepted in 36 states.

UPDATE:   5/01/2020

Firearms Training Club of America is please to announce our latest facilities update. We have acquired new property in Lakeland, Florida to be uses as our new Headquarters Building.


LAKELAND, FL   33801

PH OR TXT   863.669.3490


The new Headquarters building will serve as our corporate office and will add two additional classrooms and an indoor shooting gallery for our Florida Concealed Weapons License Classes.  (CWL or CCW)

Our new Headquarters building will host NRA Classes from Novice through Instructor Level as well as the Florida Concealed Weapons License Classes.






​​UPDATE: 3/26/2019

Our request to the Polk County Planning Commission and subsequent appeal to the Polk County Board of Commissioners have both been met with denial to operated as a commercial range. 

It appears that this is becoming rampant thorough Florida.  The County Planners continually put obstacles in the road to make it so that the average person,  or in our case Charity, cannot afford to continue the fight.

Our Second Amendment Rights are now being destroyed by  local governments.


Therefore, we are now reverting back to our private range status and there will be no more commercial activity at our Tall Palm Ranch location.    However, we will continue to train at other commercial ranges in the area.


NOTICE:  We are pleased to announce that the  firing range at Tall Palm Ranch is currently being modified.


​We are in the process of changing our status from PRIVATE RANGE to PUBLIC RANGE.  Permits have been applied for and our back berm will be increased from 14 feet to 20 feet in height and our side berms will be increased to 8 feet in height from the current 6-7 feet.  We will also be increasing the number of shooting lanes from 6 to 14.


These changes will allow us to transition from operating as a private back yard range to a competition style range and do so legally within the confines of Florida Statutes 790 and 823 and meet NRA Standards for berm design.

We will continue to operate as a private range during the permitting stage and until earthwork is at a point where we

have to stop to facilitate construction.   We will be using an alternate range for our NRA Classes in the interim.

This work is necessary so that we can better serve the public and increase our chances of being selected to host the next and future Florida Junior Olympics in small bore rifle/pistol and air rifle/pistol and possibly archery.

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