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About Us

The Firearms Training Club of  America, Inc is an authorized Non Profit Organization. All income derived from our fee based services, sales and donations go to support the club and specifically our Super Beez. 


The Super Beez  are our Junior Small Bore Rifle Team.  The goal of the Super Beez is to train our youth in safety,  responsibility,  sportsmanship and competition  involved with the shooting sports and to push their dreams, and ours, of reaching the pentacle of achievement in this sport.... The Olympic Games.  Of course there are lots of stops and bumps along the road, lots of competitions to go to, lots of individual and group training, lots of costs, etc, etc...... I am sure you understand that this is a HUGE commitment for the kids, their parents, the coaches and our sponsors and patrons without whom this would all be impossible.  So please, contact us to be a sponsor or patron and donate whatever you can to the children, who knows, one of these days you may see a child that you sponsored and supported stand on the top step of the podium at the Olympic Games while the American National Anthem is played .   What an experience that would be.


Please contact our President, Mr. Bobby Grimes via our CONTACT PAGE to arrange a discussion about how you can make a donation or sponsor the Super Beez.

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