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Introduction to shooting sports for the next generation...teaching Responsibility, Knowledge, Skills

We want to congratulate Marianela Carr for her completion of the NRA First Steps Rifle, you say what makes this a special deal ? Marianella has just recently turned 9 years of age and is now shooting Bench Rest rifle at 50 yards and doing exceptionally well.

Marianella is now working to meet the NRA requirements for Basic Rifle Certification...and will pass with flying colors. She will be ready to start competing in ARA Club BR Matches in October and will enter the State Championship if she scores high enough to qualify, and we think she will.

Marianella's mother and father fully support her in her efforts to excel in the sport.

Picture ...... Marienella Carr and Chief Instructor Bob Grimes presenting the NRA First Steps Rifle Certification at the range.

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